The Mystery Vanishing of Peter Gibbs

The Mystery Vanishing of Peter Gibbs, one dark night on the tiny Isle of Mull is an unexplained mystery that no-one has been able to solve…. it’s a baffling tale .

It’s a mystery that has puzzled, perplexed and baffled both experts and amateur sleuths combined, ever since it happened.

A man’s body is found up on a hill, four months after he disappeared on the Isle of Mull. He was last seen getting into his private plane. His body was found with only a tiny scratch, but his body hadn’t been where it was found when all the search parties had looked for him, multiple times.

Then his body was found in the exact spot where searchers had looked, many, many times. When his body was found, it had only a tiny scratch; What happened to Peter Gibbs? And how did his body get to where he was found?