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The Harlequin, Creepy Clowns, Lore, 'Smiley Face Killers,'
The Harlequin, Creepy Clowns, Lore, ‘Smiley Face Killers,’
LORE, Monstrous Creatures
Monstrous Creatures

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What supernatural/mythical creature of Lore is most likely to have existed or still exist?

 January 4, 2018. Steph Young
 French scientist Jacques Vallee spoke of the parallels that exist between Fairy ‘kidnappings’ and alleged alien abductions; ranging from seeing strange lights, missing time, and hypnotic mind control.

In the 1930’s, The Dublin Press in Ireland, wrote of reports of boys sighting groups of fairies and trying to chasing them but being unable to catch them as they teasingly jumped through hedges and trees, all the while appearing as glistening and glowing figures, unscathed by the elements they passed through. At moments they appeared to have faces like those of men; hairy and rugged yet they had no ears.

Writer Fiona Macleod, the pseudonym of William Sharp, in his ‘Herbridean Legends,’ tells of having lived on the Island of Iona, in the outer Hebredies, when growing up. One day he went to visit his friend Elsie, who he hadn’t seen for a few days. When he got to her house Elsie wasn’t there but her Mother was. He asked her where Elsie was. Her mother told him cryptically that she had been gone for a few days now.

Sharp wondered how he could not have known this, as the place was so tiny everyone knew everybody’s business. The girl’s mother continued, telling him that her daughter had believed she was communicating with the long-dead spirits of the monks who had lived once on the Island. She said that her daughter felt that the spirits were attacking her and that she must go to the only place on the Island where she would be safe, a place where they would not be able to follow her; the Fairy mound. The Monks and the Fairies had long-since been mortal enemies.

She went on to tell him that long ago, when the Monks had their commune on the Island, “They burnt a woman. She wasn’t a woman but they thought she was. She was a faery. A ‘Sheen.’ And it’s ill to any that bring harm to them.”

She said that though the spirits of the Monks was still strong, the Fey were stronger, and the Monks were not able to enter the Fairy Land; a particular spot on the Island along a path to a fairy mound, and this was where her daughter had gone to seek refuge. It was said that this was the spot where Netta Fornario was also found, mysteriously dead. Read on at https://www.stephyoungauthor.com

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