Unexplained folieadeux or Rise of the SuperSoldiers

In 2008 an astonishing incident was captured live on CCTV and by a BBC film crew who happened to be filming a documentary about the British motorway police.

Two women are observed on the live screens at the M6 Motorway traffic control room in a rural part of Northern England near Stoke on Trent. They are walking along the central reservation of the motorway. The control room dispatches highway patrol officers to the scene immediately to stop the women. It’s completely illegal and a highly dangerous and illogical place to be walking.

As the patrol car approaches them, back at the control room the live feed shows both women climbing over the short barriers of the central reservation and running straight into the path of the fast flowing traffic on the motorway.

One of them is hit by a car in the fast lane. Inexplicably, despite having just been hit head on by the car, she immediately gets straight back up and continues on to the other side of the road. She is seen to be oblivious to any pain.

Immediately the control room call the motorway police to go to the scene. The BBC film crew go in the car with the two police officers, filming their arrival within moments and expecting to find the woman who was hit by the speeding car very seriously injured and needing urgent medical treatment.

As they pull up and get out of the police car, the women suddenly seem to notice the police and become highly agitated. As the police approach them and start to question them on the roadside, the BBC cameras capture the astonishing moment one of the women side-steps the police and runs straight into the oncoming traffic, again, followed quickly after by her sister, who does exactly the same thing. They are Swedish twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson.

One of them is hit by a car and sent flying over its roof; the other is hit head-on by a lorry. This highly disturbing scene is captured by the cameras.

The police immediately call for an ambulance, stating to the emergency services over the walkie-talkie that it’s probably going to be two fatalities; they were both hit at full impact by the speeding vehicles.

The woman hit by the car, at a speed of at least 60mph, is lying unconscious in the middle of the traffic lane. The woman hit by the lorry has broken bones visibly sticking out of her legs.

As the police minister to her, she’s heard saying, “I know you are not real….”

Unexplained folie a deux or Rise of the SuperSoldiers?
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