The Unexplained Disappearance & Death of Philip Taylor Kramer

“Chaos is perfect order!” Kramer had announced prior to his disappearance, “I was able to decipher the code – it was heavily encrypted. People are going to want what I’m working on. We have to get off the planet…”

that in the days before he disappeared, he had been supposedly working on perfecting a top-secret 30-year-old formula that he and his father believed would disprove Einstein and change the course of history. The formula was based on a theory that linked faster-than-light communications.

‘It was a kind of gravitational vibration wilder than anything seen on Star Trek. It was, he believed, worth billions, and then, one day, he disappeared, leaving behind a web of suspicion, intrigue and conspiracy theories more elaborate than anything since the grassy knoll.’

The Washington post asked; ‘Is Kramer trapped by his own technological wizardry, imprisoned somewhere in cyberspace?’ Many people believe that when Kramer vanished he entered another realm.’

On February 12th, 1995, he’d driven to LA Airport where he was due to pick up a business colleague and his wife. However, after approximately 45 minutes, he got back into his car and left the airport without waiting for his colleague to arrive.

He stopped after a while and made a series of strange telephone calls. He called a former band member and good friend, Ron Bushy, and said to him, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Then he called the police and said, “This is Philip Taylor Kramer. I’m going to kill myself. And I want everyone to know O.J Simpson is innocent. THEY did it.” Then he disappeared.