Who was The Halloween King? The strange story of Alex Sanders.

Alex Sanders, The King of the Witches was also called The Halloween King. He was England’s highest witch, but he would come to regret his involvement in the dark occult. “I made a dreadful mistake in using black magic in an attempt to bring myself money and sexual success. It worked. Walking through Manchester, I was accosted by a middle-aged couple who told me that I was the exact double of their only son who had died some years previously. They took me into their home, fed and clothed me, and treated me as one of the family. They were extremely wealthy, and when I asked them for a house of my own with an allowance to run it, they were quite happy to grant my wishes.  I held parties, bought expensive clothes, was sexually promiscuous: But it was only after a time that I realised I had a fearful debt to pay.”

It would seem that Sanders believed the subsequent suicide of one of his mistresses around this time, along with his sister Joan being accidentally shot and then subsequently diagnosed with terminal cancer, was his price to pay. 

He had studied the Book ‘The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.’ It is a very old European Kabbalistic Grimoire, an ancient book of magic that claims to describe a method to make contact with ‘Your Holy Guardian Angel.’ The ancient summoning ceremony which requires long and intense participation, in seclusion. It was a very dangerous ritual – for it would invoke Angels and Spirits “good or bad…..”

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