Unexplained demise of Elisa Lam – revisited. Part 1

What was in the mystery box? And did this have anything to do with the synchronicity of the two Zip codes….? The new revelations about Elisa Lam.

For anyone has read some of my earlier books, they may recall that in “Something in the Woods” in 2014, I discuss the strange case of Elisa Lam which was very current at the time. I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few months re-visiting the case of Elisa Lam. The fate of Elisa Lam is a tale of tragedy, synchronicity, and perhaps of how the hunter became the prey in a game that was quite possibly crafted, as Gnostics would say, aeons ago and put into play by shadowy figures of dark power, across centuries. Elisa Lam’s unexplained death is a deeply mysterious story, full of unanswered questions which yearn for revelation of the method, and yet the path to truth lies shrouded in obscurity, layered in riddles, and revolving in astonishing synchronicities.

The baffling unsolved death of Elisa Lam seemed to grip much of the world in February 2013, largely due to the bizarre video capturing her in an elevator just before she vanished. She was gone for 19 days. The video capturing some of her last known movements were taken from what was strangely said to have been the only security camera in the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. LAPD released the footage of her inside the elevator, in an appeal for information about her whereabouts, after her parents reported they had not heard from her and this was highly unusual. An official missing person’s case was opened, and the world became transfixed by Elisa inside the elevator.

Her behaviour was very odd, playful perhaps in moments, but the overall tone was incredibly eerie and sinister. It was as though she was in a desperate fight for life; her enemy however, was both unknown and unseen. It would not be until guests staying at the hotel began to report to staff, 2 weeks later, that the water in their rooms tasted most odd, that she would be found; naked, dead, and floating in one of the water towers on the roof of the hotel.

In June 2013, authorities determined that Elisa Lam’s death was ‘accidental,’ and caused by her own hand. Many crucial questions however, have been left unanswered; One of which is, why would she climb over 15 feet up the side of a water-tower, on a roof at night, without her glasses, alone, and climb in? Another question, is what is happening to her in the very disturbing footage inside the elevator, on the night she disappeared? Captured in immemorial now, it is chilling and unnerving to watch her. There is something very wrong here. She is seen entering the hotel elevator, pressing lots of buttons quickly, and then peeking out of the open elevator door into the corridor, several times, while she waits for the elevator to close.

Its almost as though she is fearful that someone is after her, and perhaps they were. Peering along the hotel corridor, she waits as the door fails to close. Becoming increasingly agitated and distressed, we watch her begin to make increasingly odd gestures with her hands, then step out of the elevator and she seems to hide in the corridor, but then quickly she returns, appearing terrified yet not fleeing the scene. Is her imagination playing tricks with her? Or is her killer there?  – Out of sight of the camera but lurking within inches of her? Strange shadows and movement can be seen inside the elevator; even face-type forms appear on the walls of the elevator. It looks like a scene from a horror movie. The video quality is not good however, and perhaps this accounts for the shadows and blurs and unnerving atmosphere, although in hindsight, we are watching it in the full knowledge that soon Elisa would die.

Some people think, that on studying the video, they catch sight of a foot in the corridor. Adding to the mystery is that for some reason, when the police released the footage of Elisa in the elevator, it had been chopped and cut, and the speed at which it plays had also been altered. It is missing one minute of viewing. The video appears to have no timestamp and nearly 1 minute has been cut from the footage. Why was some of the video cut out? What did it show? We are left to guess, given that the total footage is not available.

The video is running slower than real-time, making her movements appear even more unhinged and inexplicable. At one point, she puts her hands out in front of her, as though feeling for something that is with her in the small enclosed space but is not visible. As we watch her, when she realizes there is an intangible invisible ‘thing’ enclosed with her, the expression of horror on her face grows and she wrenches her hands together in anguish, trying to stem the panic, bending her knees as the weakness of fear envelopes her; trying to maintain her grip on her sanity. Something she does not understand is happening to her. Her behaviour is of disorientation, shock, fear and perhaps hopelessness.

Part 1.

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