The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery

It all seemed to begin when local man David Farrant wrote a letter to the Hampstead and Highgate Express on February the 6th 1970, in which he explained that he had been passing the cemetery on Christmas Eve 1969 when he had glimpsed a fleeting figure. He said, “I had an awareness of some kind of presence. I decided to wait a minute to try to find some material thing, such as a tree moving in the wind that could have accounted for it. Staring into the blackness there was a distinct impression of something moving. What appeared one minute to be a solid black shape would suddenly alter its form. Suddenly something caught my eye and clearly visible was a tall dark shape. I wanted to assume it was someone wandering through the cemetery, despite that the figure appeared to be over seven feet tall, but this was soon dispelled when I saw two red eyes meeting mine. Those eyes were not human…’

Tales of Mystery Podcast – The Highgate Vampire