Scores of young men have vanished without a trace, only to be found dead weeks or months later, in remote rivers or creeks, shallow ponds or canals, in areas that search parties have searched multiple times before; then later their bodies are discovered there, as though they have been placed there deliberately to be found.

“They go directly into the shallow water. And then they are all gone….. no ghost, no memories.….as if they never lived in the first place. And then they stay there; awake and afraid.”

“The evil is rampant and deep and widespread. He was tortured, taken to the river and killed. Then his body was ‘positioned.’’

 “Loaded in cargo van. Paid in dollars green.”

 “We take what we need and leave. Understand this: This is necessary. Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on death feeds on life….” 

There is something very sinister happening to college-age men. It has been going on since the early ’90’s, and quite probably since before then. It isn’t stopping; it appears to be escalating.

Young men attending college are going missing; the numbers are rising as they disappear in what can only be described as the most sinister and inexplicable circumstances.  Then they are found dead; always in water, often very shallow water. Very often however, they have not drowned.

‘He is screaming, pleading and growling in raw, animalistic agony. In the background, a voice interrupts his screams and calmly tells him, in a cold, emotionless, detached voice, “Stop it.”

“I couldn’t get through to him. He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t tell me where he was. 8 minutes into the call there was suddenly this ghastly screaming. I started crying.”

How does a young man end up dead in water that is only a couple of feet deep? Why can’t he get out of that water, even though he is not drunk? Why can’t he be found in that water, often for weeks when it is searched multiple times? Why would he go to the most remote body of water, in the opposite direction to the one in which he was heading? Why did his cell phone suddenly go dead after he said something disturbing? Why do many of them make desperate phone calls just moments before something happens to them? Why are some of them in such a state of terror or horror when they phone their parents or friends?

Todd Geib, Chris Jenkins, Joshua Guimond, Josh Szostak, Colin Ellis, Josh Snell, Brandon Swanson, the list goes on….

The Smiley Face Killers? Or just a Smiley Face Murder Theory?

One gang….. or several… ?

A group, or separate loners…. ?

Serial Killers? or a Serial Killer Gang?