The “Predator” & Supernatural Abductions – People taken from the Woods, Underground Bases & Missing time

A few years ago, Dr. Coral Hull contacted me to say, that having read my books, she would like to offer me permission to write about her story and her insights into the cases and causes of missing people. 

“In 2003, I suddenly became very ill, with chronic fatigue syndrome, which left me bedridden. I was diagnosed with Autism. I was experiencing RSPK – Recurring spontaneous psychokinesis. I had suspected for a long time that the phenomenon was coming from an outside source – and a two-way communication was established between them and myself in 2004, through telepathy and channelling. Being into New Age philosophy and a shamanic pagan, I referred to this source as ‘angelic beings and guides,’ but this MK Ultra was designed and maintained by “The Dragon.”

Coral’s story is strange, frightening and very curious.  “After being saved in 2009, I was to gradually discover I had been raised and groomed by a spiritual non-human entity, a Fallen Angel, leviathan, serpent, part of Satan’s hierarchy, who had demons under his command. I refer to him as ‘The Dragon.’ Selected children, or chosen ones are repeatedly tested and programmed throughout childhood, to ascertain the best way they can be utilized. Unbeknownst to me, my purpose became to promote an anti-Christian agenda through arts and poetry. This was all controlled and monitored by my spiritual handler.

As an infant, I was subjected to MK Ultra Monarch programming – including Alpha, Beta, Theta, Omega, Gamma and Marrionette (Doll) Programming. A number of ‘selves’ were created to cope with and to potentially fulfil this programming. My situation was different to the ‘super-soldier’ programs or children who suffer SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse at the hands of human beings, since my handler and minders were inter-dimensional non-human entities – Fallen Angels and demons with The Dragon impersonating the spirit of God.

Under The Dragon, I am probably best known as a published poet, writer and director of the Thylazine Foundation. She has a BA, MA, and a Doctorate of Creative Arts. She has been published by Penguin Books and won prizes for her poetry. She had the world at her feet, but “After failing to pass a series of ‘tests,’ my career was terminated.” The tests were set by the spiritual ‘powers that be;’ her handler, the Fallen Angel; The Dragon.

“The Dragon then appears to have gained permission to use me as a personal plaything, referring to me as his ‘pet Doll.’ During these enchanted years, I went away on a supernatural adventure.”

At the time, I had no idea I was in communication with The Dragon and his demons. From 1999 – 2009, are periods of time that I cannot be fully accounted for. The supernatural phenomenon increased and during this time, a number of deaths occurred in my family and several acquaintances. Grief stricken and needing answers, I became increasingly involved in mediumship and the occult.’

After becoming more involved and immersed in the esoteric world of spirit channelling and mediumship and the occult arts, The Dragon made his presence felt.’ She became stalked and controlled, for many years, by this inter-dimensional entity called ‘The Dragon,’ who entered both her mind, and her physical world.

“He began to show me many images of women being taken or abducted, by other-worldly beings, who were in love with them. In The Dragon’s dimension or ‘The Second Heavenlies,’ he may look like a cherubic, serpent, or dragon. But in this dimension, he was a spirit, a bright orb, or a light source possessing a powerful sub-conscious in this world; physical, and operating within a 3-D reality.  I would see him as a ball of light.”

Coral’s life, for years, was besieged by this Dragon, this inter-dimensional entity, and her life was infiltrated in an attempt to get her to represent them and their dark agenda – these negative entities, the Fallen Angels. “Fallen Angels; manifesting in orbs, demonic cryptids, and fake UFO’s,” she quotes from the Bible as to their motives; ‘The thief cometh not but for to steal and kill, but that they might have life.’

“When placing my UFO stories online,” she says, “my phone line was tapped, and my website visited over a period of weeks, by people in the NT (The Northern Territory Government in Australia) and an investigative agency in D.C.” This is intriguing. “My car was swooped on by a military helicopter, which also made low swoops over my cottage. I remain under spiritual attack via trials and testing,” she says.

“People, many children, have gone missing in the National Parks around the world, under supposed inexplicable circumstances. It is a known but little publicized fact that the name of Jesus stops all supernatural deception and abductions,’ she says. ‘The name of Jesus stops all fallen angle and demonic attack; whether it be fake UFO or MILAB, shadow men or fairies, bigfoot or dogman.”

“We are engaged in a spiritual war that is clearly recognised by the enemy. There are rules of engagement, things the enemy – deadly adversaries who desire our eternal destruction – are not allowed to do in the name of Jesus. A fallen Angel once said to me, “Soon it will be time to harvest.”

In order to understand what is happening in the missing cases, we need to be aware that the greater reality is a spiritual reality, unseen by human eyes. This list is for the reader to gain a better understanding of the motivations of the supernatural perpetrators in the missing cases…. Motivation: is their malice toward humans. During a Fallen Angel attack, your environment may appear different; hallucinations, holograms, augmented reality, fake alien/fairy or MILAB.

Motivation; a desire to mislead, confuse, disorient, as in getting lost, mind control, altered states of consciousness, false visions, trances states. A desire to dominate; control, degrade, humiliate humans. A desire to physically hurt humans; injure, cause death, disfigure, maim, mutilate whilst still alive like the cattle mutilations,” or, “crushed, burnt, cut, decapitated, dismembered, blood extracted, torn apart etc.”

As her list progresses, it become clear and obvious how easily these are all things that appear to happen to those who vanish under inexplicable circumstances in the woods and forests, and how easily there could be an other-worldly group of perpetrators from the ‘spirit’ world doing this.

The Fallen Angels, she says, have “A desire to lead, lure, chase or herd humans into physical danger so they will physically perish – from dehydration, fatigue, exposure, hypothermia, injury, accident, drowning in a river, swamp or creek, tank, falling off a cliff edge or look-out.”

“A desire to see humans falling; represents the original fall of Lucifer and the fallen angels from heaven. A desire to see humans lifted, hanging, or suspended, represents the spirit being out of body, sacrifice, crucifixion of Christ. A desire to see humans drowning or drowned; goes back to God’s flood and a desire for revenge on God and the descendants of Noah after the loss of everything that the fallen angles had created. Fallen angles have neither forgotten nor forgiven God for sending the Great Flood.”

She continues; “A desire to be worshipped as God; this worship requires the person to fall to the ground into a position of submission or subjugation where they are face-down. This worship also requires the person to remove their shoes/ or for their shoes to be removed.”

‘Put off your shoes from off your feet, for the place wherein you stand is Holy ground,’ God told Moses. The ‘Powers and Principalities’ who desire to have the due respect shown for their position – just as God did on Mount Saini – to the geographical formations and dimensional vortexes they (these inter-dimensional spiritual predators) reside over or that have been assigned to them by their Fallen Angel commander-in-chief, Satan.”

“There is symbolic meaning as to why most people take off their shoes. In these missing cases – nearly all victims have either one or both shoes missing, along with various articles of clothing; on a practical level, the shoes, coats, are removed so they are more prone to hypothermia, or are less likely to run from their abductor – demonic or bigfoot. Or, they may be collected as trophies – The Dragon, a Fallen Angel, once said to me; “All you were was a trophy,” after I was saved by Jesus.”

“Fallen Angels have utter contempt for human beings, who were created in God’s image. To lose a shoe from a foot in biblical terms is to shame someone. It also signifies the transfer of property in Jewish culture of the Old Testament. In many missing cases, it is the symbolic transferring of the property from Christ to the Fallen Angels – and in regard to the human soul, and the symbology, it is that the human being is transferring the property of themselves, their souls, to the fallen angel by the removal of the shoe,” says Coral.

For those who doubt spiritual existence, perhaps we can more easily believe in seeing angels, and being saved by angelic intervention, of stories of people being saved by angles – (I give some examples of these in my book ‘Something in the Woods,’ of stories where it would seem that people have been miraculously saved from woods and cliffs and mountains and mortal danger  – but is it too hard to believe that if these stories are true, of angelic intervention, then couldn’t it also be that the stories of being harmed by the counterpart of angels – the fallen angels, are also true? 

If we find ourselves calling out to God or Jesus or an angel in personal moments of terror or danger or despair, then surely, so too could we bring ourselves to believe that if they exist so too could their enemies – the fallen ones. Coral Hull’s list of the intervention of spiritual entities, wanting humans to be lost, suffer hypothermia, be mutilated, fall off cliffs, drown, take trophies from us like shoes, like inter-dimensional serial killers, for they cannot have what we have  –  physical bodies and free determination, all in the wish to degrade those they envy – the human – to see their victim lost, frightened, hopeless, and broken. Coral Hull’s thesis would seem to make a lot of very good points. Is it possible that adults and children visiting National Parks, forests and woods, are allowed to become ‘prey’ or ‘sacrifices’ to the daemonic ‘powers and principalities’ that reign over this land….?