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Ep11: Haunted by the Harlequin. Unexplained Mysteries. The Harlequin was a thin, androgynous being… who was clearly not human:’

“The Harlequin was a thin, androgynous being that presented itself to me on numerous occasions throughout my life. This being was clearly not human, and seemed to be stalking me my entire life.” In this episode i talk with Dan Mitchell of Luminosity blog, who co-wrote my new book ‘BEHIND THE MASQUERADE: THE HARLEQUIN: PART 1: A true story of… Read more »

Ep 10: The American Dyatlov Pass Incident !! Investigating Unexplained Mysteries

The American Dyatlov Pass Incident!! I came across this little-known story, which bears remarkable similarities to the Dyatlov Pass incident – yet it happened in 1978 in a National Park in America! Described by the Washington Post in 1978 as “The American Dyatlov Pass,” it concerns the curious, bizarre, tragic and ultimately still unsolved case of the death of four… Read more »