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Ep 10: The American Dyatlov Pass Incident !!

The American Dyatlov Pass Incident!! I came across this little-known story, which bears remarkable similarities to the Dyatlov Pass incident – yet it happened in 1978 in a National Park in America! Described by the Washington Post in 1978 as “The American Dyatlov Pass,” it concerns the curious, bizarre, tragic and ultimately still unsolved case of the death of four… Read more »

Ep 8: Missing Men, Strange Lights, Unidentified Creatures, Hints of the occult,

Ep 8: Missing Men, Strange Light forms, Unidentified Creatures, Hints of the occult, & a growing sense of menace…Interview with author & researcher Paul Sinclair author of ‘Truth Proof.’

Steph Young’s Masquerade Podcast

LORE podcast

Hey everyone, this is best-selling amazon author Steph Young and I’d like to welcome you to the website for my new podcast Masquerade, a podcast about true life scary stories, where things are never quite what they seem, and where nightmares come to life.   Where the Unexplained brings scary and creepy true stories, baffling true cases of mysterious disappearances,… Read more »