The Unexplained Horrors of Heol Fanog

On the road to the Peaks sits a sinister farmhouse called Heol Fanog. On the day they had moved in, Bill told his son, “You’ll be able to stand in the garden and shout your head off… and nobody will hear you.” That’s how remote it was. This was like a dream come true to them. There was silence here – and this was a far cry from the terraced house they had just come from: but this new found freedom would soon change into a situation where it felt like the landscape itself was closing in on them.
There were watchers in the woods, and they were coming closer….

The Unexplained Horrors of Hoel Fanog.

And the King of the Witches.

for a Book based on the true story, see testimony by mark chadbourn https://www.amazon.com/Testimony-Mark-Chadbourn-ebook/dp/B00QRSH8R2