One thought on “Ep: 6. Who was Jack the Ripper?

  1. Yoseph Leja

    I really liked this interview it seems as though The author is on to something amazing. I will say however that it is beyond unlikely that the man was Jew or at lest a observant Jew who comitied these crimes . Your guest mentiontioned that he was not working on a Saturday as the witness claimed because he observed the sabbath being a devout Jew. If he was a devout Jew he would not have touched a women of any kind due to the fact that Jews are not allowed to touch a female because they do not know if she is on her moon cycle and touching a women who is bleeding is considered unclean. A practice they still hold and abide by today . Which brings up another issue, Jews are not allowed to touch a dead body or blood. That would be rather impossible due to the brutality of the crimes. He may have had a Jewish name in order to put the blame on the Jews a tactic used by the Church at that time and before to persecute Semitic people and run them out of an area in order to atain property or grow the local church . Also a Jew would have no understanding of the holy days of the Orthodox Church, They would consider that unclean and useless knowlage and would have only concerned themselves with the feast days of the Torah ( first five Books of Moses). The man you interviewed might want to familiarize himself with the practices of the Jews at that time and the Propaganda of that time that was also committed against them . Jews were persecute quite a lot in Eastern Europe at that time, before after and today . so I’d find it difficult to believe the “killer Jew ” would return to Russia, he would most likely head elsewhere. Unless he was of course posing as a Jew . Which is likely considering the choice of name he took as well as his trade . The man you interviewed would probably do well to search the Jewish name data base in Israel for the killers name ( the Jewish one he took ) and see if someone with that name was murdered prior to the ripper murders . I’d imagine he killed a Russia Jew and asumed his identity .


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